• Elegant Design.

    CoinCabinet honors the traditions of numismatics. We let the coins shine by putting them front and center. All the administrative stuff gets pushed to the back.

  • Store related documents.

    Upload provenance, invoices, and other documents directly into the records for each coin.

  • Private by default.

    Only you can see your coins, unless you explicitly decide to share them.

  • Photo post-processing done for you.

    We use machine learning technology to scrub the background from your photos, so they look great on the site. You can download any variant of your images you wish: light/dark/no background, large/small, stitched or unstitched, jpg or png.

  • Provenance Search AI.

    Find lost provenances for ancient coins; only pay when you find a match. Read more here.

  • Own your data.

    We know you’ll be putting in some effort logging your coins into CoinCabinet. That’s why we give you your data back if you want it. Click a button, and we’ll automatically compile a zip folder with a csv of your data, along with each coin’s images.


Smiling Bryan

Someone to help you.

I'm Bryan, the solo founder of CoinCabinet.io, and a collector like you. I personally answer every support request, and it makes my day to help collectors manage their coins with confidence.

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